An Emotional Broken Heart

Emotional Broken Heart

An Emotional Broken HeartAn Emotional Broken Heart


This will inevitably happen to all of us…… the Emotional Broken Heart.

We are all destined to experience that heart wrenching feeling, the tightness in our chest, the squeeze, the thudding, the racing, the heaviness…… all very real physical sensations but there’s nothing physically wrong with our Hearts – we’ve experienced an Emotional trauma, our adrenals have gone into overdrive releasing hormones, activating our Fight or Flight responses.  This leaves us experiencing these symptoms of the Emotional Broken Heart.

Number 1 Cause

The Number 1 cause of an Emotional Broken Heart is loss which leads to grief. Any loss, whether it’s the end of a relationship, the death of a pet, a family upset, a personal failure or any other negative event, separation from someone or something we value can cause us heartbreak and this is a perfect example of how our Mental state can give us Physical symptoms which can be truly painful.

Time is a Great Healer

This statement is very true, we will see with time the physical symptoms recede, our memories become distant, we learn to cope and we learn to move on, however, we don’t forget and for some the length of time for acceptance and the ability to move on can take a very long time and this severely affects their lives.

Elizabeth Kubler Ross discusses the 5 stages of Loss in her book Grief and Grieving.  She identifies them as:-

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance

She talks about how each stage can last a different amount of time for each person, and how the stages do not follow a specific order, they can be random and often repeat, so just when you think you may have moved forward, you get catapulted back to the Anger stage or the Denial stage but ultimately you do need to process each individual stage to allow you to move through to the Acceptance stage, and this is where Homeopathy can help.



Homeopathy is not going to take the Grief away, but it can help the individual to cope  better by supporting a battered and bruised emotional state.

Homeopathy can help deal with the feelings of loss, it can bring order to confused emotions, it can relieve physical symptoms and will revive hope as it supports the Emotional healing process.



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