Buccal Thrush

Buccal Thrush

Buccal ThrushBuccal Thrush

What is Buccal Thrush?

Buccal thrush (Oral thrush) is a version of Candida, a fungal infection which affects the mouth cavity.  It is very common in babies and whilst harmless it can be very uncomfortable.

How Do Babies Get Buccal Thrush?

Babies can get an overgrowth of Candida in the mouth because their immune systems are less developed to resist infection. It can also affect babies if they have recently been treated with antibiotics.

If you have been breastfeeding and have recently had antibiotics, then your own healthy bacteria can be affected making you more at risk of thrush infection. This infection can then be passed on to your baby during breastfeeding.

In breast-feeding babies, it is possible for a thrush infection to be passed from their mouth to your nipples. This can be very painful. Your nipples can become cracked and sore, or sometimes red and shiny.


What are the signs?

  • Creamy white spots or patches on the tongue, gums, roof of the mouth or insides of the cheeks.
  • If you gently wipe these patches they won’t come off. If it does rub off easily it’s more likely to be milk coating your baby’s tongue and not thrush.
  • You may find that your baby is unsettled when feeding or has a white film on their lips.
  • Some babies also have nappy rash (sometimes called “napkin dermatitis”) which won’t clear up which is caused by the same yeast infection.


In some babies, no treatment is needed. Many mild cases of oral thrush only last a few days or so but if baby is not feeding well or is very distressed consider the following Homeopathic Remedies:-


Is the #1 remedy for Thrush.  Baby will have a sore mouth which makes baby cry when attempting to suckle or eat, there are little white ulcers on the inner cheeks and the tongue which can bleed easily, the mouth feels hot to the nipple.  Baby has a dread of being put down or being carried downstairs.


Very useful in babies who are thirsty and irritable.  They get cross when disturbed. Child dislikes being carried or touched.  Reluctant to nurse, but once lips are wet will feed well.  Usually worse early morning between 3am-4am.  Also aggravated around 9pm.  Feels worse for becoming hot.


Offensive breath, with bloody saliva.  Mouth ulcers in babies can bleed easily.  Changeable mood with constant crying.  Fretful, irritable, impatient.  Wants to be held.  Better from warmth.


Great thirst, with moist mouth, increased Saliva.  Baby may have unpleasant sweet smell to breath.  Restless.  Worse and night.  Tongue can be coated.  Sensitive to both heat and cold.


Increased salivation, white patches on cheeks and tongue.  White coating on/around lips.  Dry chapped/cracked lips.  Offensive breath.  Child irritable and cross.  Small white ulcers with red tops. Thirsty.


Mouth surface red with white coating.  Tongue swollen and feels cold.  Profuse salivation which is acidic.   Loss of appetite.  Refuses to feed.  Alternating moods.  Worse from cold.


Remedy for thrush in Mum during pregnancy which can be passed to baby.  There can be weakness in Mother, with extreme thirst and foul breath.  Bitter taste.  Loss of appetite.  Difficulty sleeping.  Peevish, dissatisfied with everything.  Better for warmth.


Is there anything I can do to help my baby at home?

  • take the time to wash your baby’s hands, toys, and pacifiers (dummies).
  • wash any towels, clothing, and bras that may have come into contact with your nipples, ideally in a hot wash cycle
  • if you’re pumping your milk, keep it refrigerated until just before use
  • remember to sterilise your breast pump and the parts that come with it
  • if you are using bottles, make sure these are adequately sterilised
  • make sure your breasts are dry after every feeding
  • avoid using disposable nursing pads with a plastic backing, and remember to change your nursing pads when they get wet.


If you feel unsure about any of the above information please contact me for reassurance

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