Collagen for Men

Collagen for Men

Collagen for Men


What Can Collagen Do For Men? 

Collagen is not just for the ladies – keep reading to find out what it can do for men, too.

Great skin, hair and nails shouldn’t just be exclusive to women. Men can enjoy these benefits too, and a daily collagen supplement is a great way to support these goals.

Just like the ladies, men’s collagen levels begin to naturally deplete as they get older too. Continue reading to find out more on what collagen can do for the lads too.


Collagen isn’t just for Women

With the highest level of concentrated marine collagen peptides packed into a compact-sized sachet, Forever Marine Collagen is a market leader. With 3000mg of hydrolysed marine collagen, this incredible supplement is a natural boost for tackling dull skin, lack lustre hair and signs of ageing.

The collagen goodness doesn’t stop there! Each sachet also contains a complete mix of pure and essential antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and botanicals including green tea, Goji extract, acerola, Vitamins A and C, biotin, Co-enzyme Q10 and Zinc.  Vitamin C naturally encourages your body’s collagen production and merges with enzymes to create collagen in the skin.

Collagen is a protein so it’s the perfect companion for that pre or post-workout boost and muscle rejuvenation too !!.


Benefits of Collagen For Men

Men deserve to feel and look amazing, and collagen boasts an abundance of perks to get you feeling your absolute best.

Collagen production doesn’t just slow down for Women, men see the effects of diminished Collagen including poor skin tone, poor muscle tone, aching joints, thinning hair, brittle nails.  Just one sachet a day provides all the nutrients your body needs to optimise it’s production of the protein Collagen bringing back confidence in your body.


Hydrated Skin For Men

Collagen is the most prevalent and largest protein in the human body, accounting 70% of our dry skin mass. So, naturally once the collagen levels in our body start to decline, our skin begins to suffer by looking dull and showing signs of ageing with wrinkles and fine lines.

Collagen is vital for supporting your skin cells. The middle layer of our skin is called the dermis, and this is where collagen creates a collection of cells known as fibroblasts where the production of new skin cells appear.

In a recent consumer study 90% of people supplementing Collagen noticed an increase in skin hydration and 92% experienced a change in softer skin texture in just 6 weeks.  Sounds like a win win win!!!!


Collagen For Men’s Hair

Balding and hair loss is a common issue amongst men and can really impact self-esteem.

Whether it’s receding of the hairline or general thinning of hair strands, studies show that 66% of men begin to lose hair by the time they are 35 rising to 80% when they are 50.

Collagen is instrumental in helping hair to thrive and Forever Marine Collagen contains all the essential vitamins and minerals that your hair needs in order to look and feel its absolute best.


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Also remember that Homeopathy is a great alternative treatment to help with other aspects of getting older.   It can be a very challenging time as our body changes and needs different things.  Homeopathy can be used to avoid taking conventional medicines for some common conditions that occur when we are getting older.

As well as helping with physical symptoms that arise, it is great for dealing with the emotional aspect that losing our youth can bring.

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