Euphrasia #1 remedy for Eye symptoms of Hayfever

Eurphrasia #1 Remedy for Eye

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Euphrasia (Eyebright)Euphrasia

With hayfever starting in earnest this month, the remedy Euphrasia is one to have in the home kit for those who suffer from inflamed, irritated eyes.

When this remedy is indicated, the eye symptoms are extreme, with itching, burning, light sensitivity and constant blinking. There can also be excessive lachrymation which smarts, and eyes can be crusty on waking in the morning.

A common symptom is the feeling of sand in the eyes or of a hair hanging over, with a desire to rub. The nose can also be affected, with a copious watery discharge and intense sneezing. There may also be a tickly cough.

Symptoms improve when lying down and at night and feel better from bathing affected areas in cold water.

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