Spotlight on Homeopathic Remedy Gelsemium

When a cold or flu makes you feel heavy and dull Gelsemium offers a lift. When anticipations dulls your responses, Gelsemium encourages clarity.

When poisoned by the roots of this plant (thinking it was the herbal Jasmine), people felt a great heavy, paralytic weakness. When using highly diluted homeopathic doses and applying the Law of Similars, doctors found the homeopathic remedy treated conditions and individuals marked with that same heavy, even trembling, weariness and fatigue.

Nervous Systems: Gelsemium’s symptom ‘paralyzed by fear’ is most pronounced when having to perform. If you’ve ever forgotten your lines while on stageor blanked out on a question in an interview and stood there totally dumbfounded, you know just what this is like. A dose of Gelsemium beforehand can help ease these responses to bring out your best. When dullness of mind, upset ‘butterfly’ stomach or even anticipation-induced diarrhea prevail over any situation, consider Gelsemium.

Flu & Colds: Possibly best known for its flu relief, Gelsemium aids an achy, weak, heavy, yet somewhat restless or trembling cold or flu that gradually builds up to great fatigue. This relief includes diverse symptoms including minor aching fever, chills and congestion; flushed face, droopy eyelids, little thirst, a lump in the throat sensation, pain from throat to ear on swallowing, a dazed, dull mind and much fatigue.

Pain: A Gelsemium headache is dull, often congestive, with hammering, pulsating, ‘like a tight band’, occipital pain that feels better if you lie still. Its relief extends to minor stiffness and ‘stitching pains’ in the lower back and in irritated red joints that feel worse for motion and better for rest and applied cold.

Constitutional: Quiet, timid, often low-spirited loners who often want to be left alone can reap the best action of homeopathic Gelsemium. They dread public speaking, exams– any kind of ordeal; fear losing control and falling; and under stress, lack physical, mental and emotional will power. Often its heavy dull disorders follow bad or disappointing news or even a spell of great excitement (ups or downs).

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