INFERTILITY – A Natural Approach



Having babies……  the most natural thing in the World.  It happens every day all over the world, but statistics tell us that 1 in 7 couples will have trouble conceiving naturally and if that 1 is you, it can be devastating.

Infertility can be the loneliest club to be in…………. especially from the Women’s perspective, after all Women were given the Natural ability to grow, nurture and deliver a baby.

Everyone around you tries but nobody can truly empathise with you, your Best Friends, your Sisters, and Aunties, even your Mum can’t possibly understand what you are going through.  But it’s not their fault they don’t know what to do, YOU don’t know what to do, your PARTNER doesn’t know what to do….

It’s the one thing that you both want to give to each other more than anything else in the World – but it simply is not happening.

You become obsessed; it becomes the focus of your everyday life.  You start tracking your ovulation, a simple and sensible approach, you grab sex when the stick tells you “It’s your most fertile window”, you lay with your hips propped up for half an hour to maximise the chances, thinking I’m not letting those little sperm out now.  You tell yourself – “this is the one”, “this is it” “this time it will work” – then you wait, all the while trying to contain the excitement as you ask yourself every day, Do I look pregnant? Do I look different?, Do I feel different?  Do my boobs look bigger? Do I feel sick?  These 2 weeks can be agonising – you’ll probably do a few pregnancy tests even though you know it’s too early and then SMASH – your world crumbles again when the tummy cramps and red spots confirm that it didn’t happen for you again this month.

Now it’s easy to see all this happening to the Female but let’s not forget it takes two to tango…. and your here because a loving partner wants to share this wonderful experience with you, so whilst you are going through this, remember, your partner is watching from the side lines, feeling pretty useless, willing it to happen this month, willing the anxiety to go away, willing to have their partner back to being happy, carefree, wanting to be able to enjoy wonderful happy, fulfilling sex again rather than on demand and functional.

It’s IMPORTANT to remember that –

This infertility journey is for you to experience together.


So, what are your options?

Well you will need to go through the above agony for at least 12 months before your GP will refer you for any Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) or before any fertility clinic will consider you for treatment.

Depending on your unique fertility issue for which there are many factors, the treatment options may include: –

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

A 5-stage procedure – enhanced egg production, retrieval of eggs, collection of sperm, fertilization of eggs, return of eggs to womb.

Women have daily injections of hormones to stimulate their ovaries to produce more eggs and under local anaesthetic the eggs are removed from the ovaries, these eggs are then fertilized with the sperm and 6/7 days later the healthiest embryo is placed into the womb where it is hoped the egg will implant itself in the uterine lining.  Daily hormone injections are continued to prepare the lining of the womb.

Inter Uterine Insemination (IUI)

Sperm cells are placed directly into the Uterus in the hope that some are healthy enough to find their way to a hormonally ripened ovum (egg).  The female may still be having Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) injections to maximise production although care is taken as the occurrence of Multiple Birth is to be considered.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

This is an IVF technique where healthy/better quality sperm are used and injected directly into a ripened egg to increase the chances of fertilization.  ICSI is used in IVF and IUI where there are Male infertility issues such as number and/or low motility of sperm.


But all of these come at a cost, and this is substantial.  The average costs depending on your Individual fertility issues and which procedures and interventions are deemed necessary, can range from £5,000 – £20,000 per attempt.


So, let’s look at the bigger picture …… 

Above we have identified the Emotional Roller coaster that is involved when trying to conceive.  Emotions will include Anger, Grief, Guilt, Disappointment, Shock, and these will be experienced by both partners.  Despair and depression can sneak in as time passes and you are still not pregnant.  If undergoing any of the above treatments, the financial burden becomes a massive worry particularly if you know you can only afford 1 round of IVF and then there’s the physical side effects of the hormones, headaches, nausea, tiredness, mood swings – these are just a few symptoms.



Are there any NATURAL alternatives to Infertility?

Yes there are!!!    There are a number of therapies that can help achieve a NATURAL conception including Reflexology, Acupuncture and Homeopathy.

I used a combination of Reflexology and Homeopathy when I was struggling with Secondary Infertility, aged 31.  I had wanted a 2nd child quite quickly and from my 6-week check-up we didn’t use any contraception, but it just didn’t happen.  During the first year I was thinking it’s OK maybe it’s too soon, maybe my body hasn’t recovered enough, then the second year I started to get desperate and followed the exact pattern above.  Within 3 months of using Alternative Natural Therapies, I was pregnant!!!   I continued using Homeopathy throughout the pregnancy which kept me tip top both physically and mentally and got me prepared for the birth which was also natural.

Can I help you with your Infertility?

Yes I can…. my experience has led me to want to help other couples with a NATURAL approach to Fertility Issues including the Emotional support required and so I have developed my 8 Week Natural Fertility Programme and my 16 Week Natural Fertility Programme.

The focus of this 8-week Natural Fertility Programme is to CleanseBalance and Restore.

We consider this to be a Pre-conception Plan aimed at preparing both partners to optimise their Individual Natural Fertility Journey.


For some couples the 8 Week Natural Fertility Programme just isn’t enough.  If the Fertility issues are numerous and more complex the body will require more time to heal.  We must be clear that it can take many months to establish a regular cycle of ovulation which is the key to conception.

Our 16 Week Natural Fertility Programme continues to Cleanse, Balance and Restore but begins to work on specific fertility issues in more depth.


Visit the Fertility Page of my website for more information and the ability to Download by FREE ebooklet “A Guide to Finding your Most Fertile Time”



You are in this together – stay strong, stay connected and support each other and this will bring happiness and fulfilment to your relationship (and potentially the pitter patter of tiny feet….)


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