Parenting through Toddler Tantrums

Parenting through Toddler Tantrums



This is a very demanding and difficult time for all parents.

You’ve got used to having this lovely bundle of joy running around entertaining you and making you laugh.  You’ve enjoyed most of it,   with sleepless nights being a bit of a challenge but overall you are a happy family.   You have celebrated in wonder at every stage of their development, their first tooth, their first words, their first steps and you are the proudest parents EVER !!!!!!

What could possible happen to change this????????

Your child turns Two Years Old!!!

OMG – what has happened???  Where has our little darling gone???

You have in front of you a little person who looks like your child – throwing themselves on the floor, arms and legs flailing about, crying, screaming and drawing a lot of attention to themselves.

If you are at home the first few times it is manageable, you can ignore them so that you don’t reinforce the behaviour,  but if you are out, you can feel the panic rising in you as you feel the unapproving stares of people around you all the time wishing that the ground would open up and swallow you.

What do we do now?

Firstly – don’t worry, you are not alone and certainly not the first to experience this.

Secondly – have an understanding of what is occurring.

Your child is going through a normal developmental phase where they are undergoing major motor, intellectual, social and emotional changes.  They are seeking to be more independent but have the restrictions of minimal communication skills, at this stage they can certainly understand much more speech than they can express.

So, whilst these behaviours are a challenge, they are completely normal and part of your child’s normal development.


What can we do to cope with this?

You can try to stay calm, these “hissy fits” are going to happen whether you get uptight about them or not, but I know this is easier said than done.

Deep Breathing is always useful to keep you calm and gives you something to focus on whilst the tantrum runs it’s course. In through the nose for 5 counts, out through the mouth for 5 counts.

Maintaining a good sleep schedule is helpful but sometimes difficult, if your child is waking at night, be sure to try and get a nap in through the day.  This will help stop over reactions to situations.

Consider Homeopathy as a support therapy.  Suitable for both parents (and the toddlers).  This Natural medicine which is safe and non-toxic is effective at balancing your emotions and enabling you to maintain control in stressful situations.  It can help with sleep and relaxation as well as dealing with any other symptoms such as headaches, tummy issues, skin eruptions etc,  that you may be experiencing as part of the stressful situation.  

Homeopathy is tailored to fit each unique individual and their individual symptoms.

There are a few remedies that you could look at to help with the anxiety such as Arg-nit, Arsen-Alb, Acon, Gels, and Kali-Ars which may help with the stress of this particular issue but ultimately I would recommend that you speak with a Professional Homeopath as they will be able to select a remedy that is specifically indicated for you.


Parenting is no easy task, and if you are becoming concerned about your own stress level, feeling frustrated, or uncertain on how to handle the tantrums, it is time to reach out.


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