Potency and Dose

Potency and Dose

Potency and Dose For Acute Home Prescribing

Potency and Dose

Potency and Dose is the question we get asked the most and for good reason.

Homeopathic Potency and Dose is very different to the Conventional medicine approach and below is some clarification for you…...

What is a Homeopathic Potency?

Quite simply Homeopathic Potency is the strength of a remedy but it is not quite as simple as saying the higher the number the higher the strength, because in Homeopathy the Potency relates to the energy of the remedy, so in fact the higher the number the lower the strength.  Higher potencies tend to be used to deal with issues on the more emotional level where there is much energy and lower potencies are used for physical issues so are particularly useful in First Aid and Acute prescribing. 

This of course is a very simplistic view and a general overview, as all potencies can be used effectively across all ailments whether Acute or Chronic and is dependant on the individual being treated. 

For Home Prescribing in Acute situations you will use the 30c and 200c potencies.  These are both aimed at physical symptoms which can change quickly and these potencies allow us to repeat the remedy if necessary.

A Potency of 30C is considered to be a low-potency, remedies of 30c work mainly on the physical symptoms but can touch on the emotional aspect of a person.  They are especially useful in low intensity, acute scenarios.  They are for physical injury or tissue change, for example, physical pains, cuts, bruises, acne, warts etc. 

At 30c a remedy can easily be repeated and should be used when there is uncertainty about the remedy choice.  Most kits available for Home Prescribing come as 30c potency.

A Potency of 200C is considered to be a high-potency, remedies of 200c are suited to intense acute situations.  They are useful for high energy physical symptoms and include more of the emotional state of the person.  Use a 200c when there is certainty of the remedy choice and if lower potencies have not completed a recovery.


You need to give one dose at a time.

One dose = one tablet or droplet.

Two tablets will have the same effect as one tablet. Three tablets will have the same effect as one tablet.

If you buy a remedy from a store and it says give 3 tablets – you don’t need to give 3 –  it is the same as one tablet. (this is a marketing ploy -you will need to replenish sooner!)


Repeating the dose  – now this depends on each case.

Here are some basic rules of prescribing for acute first aid situations:

  • Give one well-chosen remedy – Wait and see what happens, If nothing happens – repeat in one hour
  • If something changes – Wait and re-assess 
  • If symptoms begin to improve – Wait and re-assess
  • If symptoms do not change – give second/third/fourth dose, then Wait and re-assess
  • If/when symptoms return – give a second/third/fourth dose, then Wait and re-assess


  • Repeat this process for a maximum of 4 doses.


  • If after four doses symptoms are not improved – retake the case and find another remedy to match the symptoms
  • If new symptoms show then take the case again and check which remedy should be given, it may be the same remedy it may be different
  • If symptoms improve but then keep returning consult a homeopath. You will need help to identify the obstacle that is preventing cure.

Remember……       It is usually best to only give one remedy at a time.

There are certain circumstances when you might want to give two or more separate remedies, or indeed a combination remedy. 

For example, after a fall resulting in a sprained ankle, you may want to give Aconite immediately for the shock, followed by Arnica to assist healing, then Ruta for tendon damage.  You would continue with the Arnica am and Ruta pm for a few days.

An example of a combination remedy is after a medical procedure or operation – you might consider giving a post surgery mix of Arnica, Bellis Prerennis, Calendula, Hypericum and Staphysagria.  In this instance give one pillule 3 times daily, morning, afternoon, evening for a few days, reducing to twice daily, then once daily as recovery progresses.     

Please do not give two remedies at the same time.


Please note:   These instructions DO NOT apply when treating Chronic Conditions as they require a completely different prescribing model dependant on treatment plan and should be discussed with a Professional Homeopath.


Happy Home Prescribing!!


Homeopathy is truly a wonderful gift and I’m so excited that you are interested in knowing more. 


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