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Forever Marine Collagen

Forever Marine Collagen

Forever Marine Collagen

I use this product every day.

Forever Marine Collagen combines key nutrients and premium hydrolysed collagen which makes it more bioavailable and more easily absorbed by the body.  It comes in individual sachets so is great for using on the go.   I have truly noticed the difference in my skin, hair and nails.


I love this tooth gel.

This non-flouride formula leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean. My teeth are brighter and my gums are healthier since using it. It’s also suitable for vegetarians since it contains no animal by-products.  You only need a pea size drop so the tube lasts a while.


I just love this Tinted Facial Cream.

It gives my skin a soft dewy look and feels amazing. With the added bonus of sun protection.

Skin Shade Tinted Facial Sun Cream


I have used Biocare for 15 years.

They offer a wide range of High Quality Supplements and have a FREE advice line to help you find the right product for you.  

Quote P13863 (CG Homeopathy) to receive a 10% discount.

Follow this link for a 10% discount.

Bach Rescue Remedy

I always keep a bottle of this gem with me.

I found it helpful during my both pregnancy and with recent exam stress. It helps to relieve acute Stress and anxiety. A few drops on the tongue will bring comfort and reassurance. Safe to use for all.

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