Recommended Dosage for Tissue Salts

Recommended Dosage for Tissue Salts



General health

To maintain equilibrium within the body

Take (place under the tongue) one pilule  –  two to four times per day.

(dependant on level of health to begin with – dose can be reduce as health improves)

Acute conditions

Dissolve one pilule by crushing it and placing in a little warm water (the amount of water does not matter) take every 30 mins to one hour.

Once the condition eases, place one pilule under the tongue and let dissolve, repeat every two to three hours during the day.

As improvement continues, then adjust to every four to six hours until the condition clears.


Chronic Conditions

Take (place under tongue) one specific salt and allow to dissolve.

Often there are two or three other salts needed for Chronic conditions, so please take them a few minutes after each other.

Repeat dose three times daily.

This can be reduced to one or twice daily as the condition improves.


As always, be aware and seek the advice of a trained professional if you experience any worsening of symptoms, or new symptoms that you are not happy about.

Happy Home Prescribing!!!


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