Susceptibility – What does it mean?

Susceptibility - What does it Mean?

Susceptibility – What does it mean?


 As individuals we all have certain triggers or situations to which we are highly sensitive and vulnerable and to which we are most likely to react. This is known as ‘SUSCEPTIBILITY’ and is an important factor for homeopaths to consider.


Susceptibility is one of the things that makes us unique because our sensitivity to situations is different for each of us.

An individual’s disease susceptibility is influenced by a combination of genetic and environmental factors.   Susceptibility can be linked to certain events, such as always getting ill after being exposed to harsh cold wind, or suffering a stomach upset after being embarrassed about something or eating certain foods.   You will have heard people say “if I get a cold it always goes to my chest….”  this is their particular susceptibility.    It can be the result of our living conditions, for instance, anyone living in a damp house is likely to experience upper respiratory tract symptoms after a while, although for some of us it will be sooner rather than later,  which shows that susceptibility is very subjective.


Susceptibilities can manifest on any level: mental, emotional or physical and in Homeopathy a person’s susceptibilities can tell us a great deal about that person and their hereditary sensitivities.   It assists us in making remedy choices to address the current situation and good homeopathic treatment on a constitutional level can change a person’s core susceptibility (or to a lesser degree address some of the effects of our susceptibility), strengthening us so that we are not affected by an ‘attack’ on our vulnerabilities, thus enabling us to be the very best version of ourselves with minimal disruption.


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