The TRUTH about Homeopathy.

The TRUTH about Homeopathy



What is the TRUTH about Homeopathy?


“Homeopathy is placebo.”                “Homeopathy is wonderful!               “Homeopathy is harmful.”                   “Homeopathy has changed my life.”

With so many conflicting and controversial views, opinions and so-called ‘facts’ it can feel confusing at times when we try to distinguish what the reality of homeopathy actually is! You’ve landed here for a reason; you’re intrigued about homeopathy somehow, but maybe you’re not yet quite convinced, or you’ve heard that there are loads of misunderstandings about it (or perhaps you’re a covert sceptic – don’t worry, we welcome you!). Whoever you are, if you have been looking for the truth about homeopathy, you can relax – you’re in the best place to find it…

This article is designed to separate fact from fiction. If you allow me 5 minutes (perhaps grab a cup of tea and enjoy a quick break from the day!), I’ll make sure you that you get the absolute truth about homeopathy so you can make your own mind up. I’ll even share with you the perfect response to any homeopathic scepticism, but I’ll come to that shortly…

Firstly, though, you may not realise, but there’s a lot of people out there (over 200 million to be precise!) who absolutely love homeopathy! There’s a reason for this, too – because many people see the simple truth that homeopathy is the ultimate ‘clean’ natural health tool, and that it can help a whole host of things!

Let’s begin by taking a little look at what ‘truth’ really means! According to the Oxford Dictionary, the ‘truth’ is a “fact or belief that is accepted as being in accordance with reality; honest or accurate.” My question is, if the truth involves simply being ‘real, honest or accurate,’ why is it so easy to point away from that at times with homeopathy? Why can we get so ‘lost’? Well, with this question in mind, we set out to address some home truths which can help point us back; this article shares some unbiased facts to support how homeopathy is one of the most truthful health modalities there is, aiming to dispel any myths or misunderstandings. There are so many people using this healing modality around the world, that it really can’t just be ignored!  It’s time we told the facts about homeopathy – and I’ll come to why that’s important, too! So, here are our Top 10 Truths to help you see the reality and decide your own beliefs.

1) It is Used Globally – and is the Mainstream System of Health in Some Countries

Let’s start with the obvious facts!  As well as over 200million users world-wide, according to the Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI), 10% of people in the UK use homeopathy, including over 400 doctors. Not just that, but growth of users is at 20% a year – that’s huge! There are a lot of people seeing its potential. If people are adopting it so rapidly it must be authentically helpful, right? Not only that, but in some countries, such as India, it is still the mainstream system of medicine.

2) It Has Been Part of National Health Systems for Years

The HRI states that, around the world, homeopathy is included in the national health systems of Switzerland, Brazil, Chile, India, Mexico and Pakistan – and, the British Homeopathic Association reveals that homeopathy has actually always been part of the NHS in the UK (although this has just recently changed – sadly due to Government funding cuts).

3) There is a Science Behind It

Here is something you might not know: homeopathy was the original medicine before ‘modern’ allopathic science came along and defined the parameters for measuring health!  Hahnemann, who discovered homeopathic philosophy, actually spent years doing what he called ‘provings’ of the remedies, which are case-studies to describe the effects of the remedies in individuals. Since then, hundreds of homeopaths have done the same, so there are loads of case-studies about how it has helped people.

Homeopathy is totally individualised and so traditional scientific measurement may not always be useful because a remedy that helps one person won’t necessarily help another on a mass scale! However, modern day, peer reviewed Homeopathic Research is still done all the time! The British Homeopathic Association has more information on the research which helps see the accurate facts.

4) It is Entirely Safe, Natural & Non-Toxic

The wonderful truth about homeopathy is that it absolutely just cannot harm you! There are very few ingredients in it – and they are entirely natural and non-toxic. The remedy works on a like-cures-like basis and whatever it is made from has been heavily diluted, often until there is nothing of the substance left in it at all! That can be hard to comprehend as it differs to the mainstream approach, but if you give it a go, you’ll see the effect! Homeopathic remedies trigger your body to begin healing at its own pace; instead of trying to suppress an individual symptom, they encourage gentle and permanent restoration of health on levels – mental, physical and spiritual health. What harm can that do?

5) It Can be Used Alongside Any Other Medicine

So many people think there’s some kind of ‘either/or’ between homeopathy and mainstream medicine, but there really isn’t! Because it is entirely safe and natural, there’s absolutely no harm trying homeopathy alongside modern medicine. It is called a complementary therapy for a reason! Anything other than that advice is a myth based on misunderstanding!

6) The Placebo Debate: How Far Does it Matter?

There are so many arguments about whether homeopathy is ‘placebo’ effect. The thing about this (and I’m being slightly facetious here) is that: if it works, do we worry about why? There is so much we, in society, just don’t understand about health, and maybe we never will. All we can ever know is what we know to be true in this moment (we once thought that the world was flat, right?!), and so, moment to moment, what we ‘truly’ know or believe to be ‘truth’ varies! The point is, there are two sides to this debate – that homeopathy ‘is’ and ‘isn’t’ placebo – and you may believe both at different times! However, for those people that homeopathy helps, I am sure they don’t really worry about whether it ‘is or isn’t’ placebo – and there are quite a few people who see it working for them. Dive underneath the argument and see what’s true under all the thinking about it.

7) Royal Endorsement

Did you know that the King, his mother, and many of the other Royals have used homeopathy for many years, and have their own personal, private homeopath? This is our favourite fun fact about homeopathy! Even Meghan Markel was seen popping some little homeopathic pills recently. However, whilst we are being a bit ‘tongue-in-cheek’ with this fact, if it’s good enough for the King, it’s good enough for us!

The King believes homeopathy to be steeped in ancient traditions that more intuitively take a holistic approach to maintain harmony in our minds, bodies, and souls. He sees the truth in it so much that he has set up holistic clinics around the country!

8) Many Celebrities Swear by It

It’s not just the Royals, either! There are so many celebrities who endorse homeopathy. People like Paul McCartney, Tina Turner, Cindy Crawford, Cher, David Beckham, Monica Bellucci, Pamela Anderson and Usain Bolt have all declared their love for homeopathy!

9) It’s 100% Holistic – What Does That Mean?

The word ‘holistic’ is banded around quite a lot, but do you really know what it means?  We so often focus on physical ailments, but there is more to us than that. There are different levels of health and, instead of looking at just one – e.g., our physical bodies, holistic approaches take a look at the whole person. This means they take into account a person’s mind, body, and spirit. One of the things that people really love about the homeopathic process is that a consultation with a homeopath can unlock so much; even just the process of allowing space to be ‘heard’ can be enough to offer healing on an emotional level. Listening is a powerful thing! There are some strong arguments for the link between physical health and mental, emotional and spiritual health – for example, with stress manifesting in physical symptoms. Homeopathy addresses all of this at the same time!

It isn’t just a case of having to have regular consultations either, though – you can use homeopathy easily and safely yourself for first aid ailments too, in between your appointments for more ongoing imbalances! There are lots of Homeopathic ‘First Aid’ kits available with common remedies and mini booklets to explain which remedy to use for different ailments – and there are many fun courses to go on to learn more about prescribing for yourself and the rest of your family! Each remedy has a ‘personality’ profile, and learning this can be very entertaining, as can trying to spot when each remedy is needed. It’s all great, on-the-job, real life learning!

10) The Power of Choice

The main thing about Homeopathy is that it gives you – the patient – a choice: another way forward! And it’s a choice that works perfectly well alongside traditional medicine!

When we are looking for the ‘truth’ about homeopathy, I come back to the original definition of what that means. If the ‘truth’ is a “belief accepted as in accordance with reality,” then if homeopathy works for us individually as an alternative way forward, it is still absolutely true! This reminds me that the ‘truth’ is whatever we see in something, not just what other people see. In this way, rather than asking what the ‘truth’ about homeopathy is in general, we should be asking ‘what is the truth for US about homeopathy?’

This question reminds us of our power of choice. We don’t need others to tell us what we think about health; it is within us to choose what is right for us. You have the choice to listen to others about health, or you have the choice to take responsibility for your own and your family’s health. You have the choice to listen to 200 million people!

What I love most about homeopathy is exactly that; the process of it reconnects us to the truth of who we really are – to what we believe – and it reminds us that we have choice, outside of any rules that anyone else has given us! The message in this is simple: if you don’t know if homeopathy is ‘truthful’ or not, choose to go and get a personal experience of it for yourself to base your own beliefs on!

Overall, there are so many reasons why you could choose homeopathy to help your wellbeing return to balance, and it’s also clear why the use of homeopathic remedies is growing! What this health modality offers is a beautiful combination of ancient healing science and art that simply points you back to your truth, and empowers you to see the fact that you have a choice in your healthcare – and your life! What’s not to love?!  Even if you don’t know what to believe, there’s absolutely no reason not to give it a go.

What is that perfect response to the sceptic that I promised? Well, it’s simple: ask what is truthful for you about homeopathy? Remember: your beliefs – and your truths – are your own choice.

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