Top 6 Remedies for Grief

Top 6 Remedies for Grief

Top 6 Remedies for Grief


There are many many remedies indicated for Grief.

Grief is such an individually expressed emotion and as with all things Homeopathic it is the unique symptom picture that leads us to the most indicated remedy for that person.

Below are the Top 6 Remedies for Grief based on emotional symptoms.  Please look each one up in the Materia Medica of your choice to get the full scope of each remedy to determine if it is the correct one for you.


Natrum Mur 

Ailments from grief, recent grief, loss of loved one, silent grief, sleeplessness, headache, cannot cry, stoic, withdrawn, weight loss.


Ailments from grief, recent grief, loss of loved one, sleeplessness, headache, sighing, grief from betrayal, grief from disappointed love, weight loss.

3   Aurum

Ailments from grief, grief from financial loss, grief of divorce, grief of loss of position, loss of power, loss of job, hopelessness, oversensitive, laughs and cries alternately, desperate, profound depression, may consider suicide.


Ailments from grief, Grief prolonged and unresolved, grief with indignation, sleeplessness, weakness, weight loss.

5   Staphysagria

Ailments from grief, Grief with anger, with indignation, grief with humiliation, painfully sensitive, Easily offended, speechless with anger, Self pity.

6   Causticum

Ailments from grief, grief from divorce, grief from insults, indignation, why me?, bitterness, grief from disappointment.


Grief is a complex Emotional state, it can be deep rooted and for the best results I would advise working closely with a Professional Homeopath.


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