Top 7 Homeopathic Remedies for Flu

Top 7 Homeopathic Remedies for Flu

Top 7 Homeopathic Remedies for Flu

Flu is a contagious virus that can cause fever, body aches, and congestion.   There are many natural remedies that can help you to feel better if you get the flu and if you have read our blog on colds then you will see that the advice is very similar.

  • Drinking plenty of fluids, especially water, this helps to break up congestion and your body flush out toxins
  • Eating light, healthy foods
  • Inhaling steam from a hot shower or pot of boiling water to loosen congestion
  • Putting a cold, damp cloth on your forehead to help reduce fever
  • Drink hot lemon with a spoonful of honey to soothe a sore throat

The best thing you can do for the flu is rest, snuggle up in bed, sleep and let your body heal. Not only will this stop you from giving it to other people but it gives your body the best chance of fighting off the flu virus.

Make sure you take your homeopathic remedy kit to bed too so you can take your remedies as well and you’ll be better in no time.

Top 7 Homeopathic Remedies for Flu


close-up of Aconitum napellus or monkshood.

Use at the first sign of the flu where there is a sudden onset of flu symptoms, usually caused by exposure to dry, cold winds or from a mental or emotional shock or fright.

Common symptoms include dry, burning skin, alternating fever and chills with a red hot flush on one cheek and pale on the other. The person may experience restlessness and anxiety, tossing and turning in bed, with a sense of foreboding and fear like they might die. Pupils may also be contracted and the symptoms may worsen in the evening, around midnight.  Worse for touch or any motion.

Will feel better with rest and open air and may be very thirsty during the fever stage and want cold drinks.

Remember, the keynotes are what determine the best remedy, so pay attention to these specific symptoms.

Aconite Keynotes:

  • Use at first signs of Influenza – sudden onset
  • Ailments from dry, cold winds or getting very cold, from shock or fright
  • Dry, burning skin, high fever with coldness, chills and shivering
  • Fever and chill can alternate – red hot, flushed face, one cheek red, other is pale
  • Great restlessness with tossing about – contracted pupils
  • Great anxiety and sense of foreboding (think they might die)
  • Worse in the evening, midnight, and for touch, motion and cold
  • Better for resting, open air


Arsenicum Album

Commonly used to treat anxiety and influenza, as well as gastroenteritis. One of the key characteristics of this remedy is burning sensations, which can occur in the gastrointestinal tract, anus, and chest.

May experience intermittent fevers that are worse at night, hot water-like burning in their veins, internal chills with red cheeks, and either shivering or internal heat. They may feel exhausted and weak, with a dry cough and wheezing that gets worse in cold air.

Arsenicum Album patients are characterised by their anxiety, especially in regards to their health, and their despair about recovery. They may moan anxiously, but they still want company and warmth around them. They feel better after sweating and in warm, open air, but are made worse by cold, damp weather.

People who need this remedy may also have trouble drinking fluids, only taking small sips at a time, despite being thirsty. It is particularly useful in cases of gastric flu or gastroenteritis with vomiting and diarrhea.

Arsenicum Album Keynotes:

  • Influenza with gastroenteritis, vomiting and diarrhoea – burning
  • Intermittent fever stops and starts worse at night-
  • feels as if hot water in veins, burning
  • Internal chills with external heat & red cheeks – or internal heat but externally cold
  • Chills and rigours – they feel very cold as if blood were ice
  • Exhaustion and great weakness from slightest exertion
  • Dry cough, wheezing and breathlessness worse going into cold air – burning pain in chest/oppression chest
  • Anxiety around health, despairing, fear will never recover – Anxious moaning
  • Better for heat, company, open air, sweating, warmth
  • Worse for wet weather, cold, damp, cold air, around/after midnight (11pm-2am)
  • Very chilly



Bryonia is often associated with influenza and has a slow onset. Symptoms typically take a few days to manifest and include aches and pains in every muscle and joint, as well as a feeling of chilliness.

The Bryonia person wants to lie still and will only feel better if they are not moving. They are very irritable and prefer to be left alone. They may have a dry, hacking cough and headaches, which are worse with any movement, including moving their eyes.

There may also be pain over the left eye that extends to the back of the head. The mouth, throat, and lips are all dry, and the person may crave large quantities of water. They feel better with hard pressure and from cold air, but worse from 9 PM to 4 AM and from motion. All their symptoms are worse from a warm room and from motion.

Bryonia Keynotes:

  • Slow onset over a few days with aches and pains in every muscle and joint, chillness predominates
  • Wants to lie still and feels relieved only when still
  • Very Irritable and want to be left alone- later despair of recovery
  • Dry, hard hacking cough- very painful, holds the chest to keep it still, to stop pain
  • Bursting, splitting frontal headaches, worse on any movement
  • Can have pain over the left eye going to the back of head
  • Dryness of all parts throat, mouth, lips – thirsty for large quantities of water
  • Better lying on the painful part, hard pressure, cold air, rest – being quiet
  • Worse 9pm and 3-4am, movement, becoming hot, warm room
  • All symptoms are worse for motion


Eupatorium Perfoliatum

The main symptom is an intense deep aching in the bones, particularly the wrists, which can feel like they’re breaking. The aching may start in the lower back and spread throughout the body, causing a bruise-like sensation all over.  People may describe their back as feeling like it’s going to break. The aching is accompanied by restless joints and difficulty finding comfort in bed. The pain can be exacerbated by coughing or movement.

The person may have a high fever and may alternate between feeling hot and chilly. They may also have a loose cough and soreness in the chest, which feels better for holding. There may be a watery nasal discharge with sneezing, and the person feels better for being covered up. They are extremely tired but find it difficult to rest due to the deep aching. They may feel worse in the morning, from coughing, and from exposure to cold air.  They generally feel better from sweating and being warmly covered during the chill.

They will have a big thirst for cold drinks and a craving for ice cream. Although there are other remedies that may resemble these symptoms, Eupatorium Per is a great remedy to consider for influenza, especially if the person has intense deep aching in the bones.

Eupatorium Perfoliatum Keynotes:

  • Deep ache in the bones, feels like bones will break esp. wrist joints
  • Chill is preceded by thirst and extreme aching,
  • Complaints can begin in the back, feels as if it would break
  • Very restless
  • Bed feels hard,
  • Bruised feeling all over the whole body, feels sore inside (Arnica)
  • Severe headaches with pain at occiput after lying down with soreness of eyeballs
  • Fever and chill alternate
  • Hoarseness
  • Loose cough with soreness of chest, Must hold chest (Bryonia)
  • Watery nasal discharge with sneezing
  • Very chilly and wants to be covered. Feels better indoors
  • Tired but can’t get comfortable in bed
  • Worse for cold air, worse 7-9am, worse coughing and worse moving
  • Better sweating (except the headache), being warmly covered during chill
  • Thirst for cold drinks, ice cream


Gelsemium (The No.1 Flu Remedy)

It typically presents with a gradual onset of heaviness throughout the body. The legs, arms, and even eyelids feel heavy and droopy. The person may also experience fatigue, aching, weakness, and soreness and trembling in the muscles.

The person may have chills up and down the spine, extreme exhaustion with no energy, difficulty speaking, dizziness, drowsiness, and dual headaches with a band-like sensation around the forehead or over the eyes, going to the back of the head.

They will feel better after sweating or urinating, in open air (as long as it’s not cold), in the afternoon around 3-4pm, while reclining with their head high. They may feel worse in cold, damp weather, with anticipation of pleasurable events, and changes in the weather such as a cold night followed by warm days (typical of the autumn season).  No thirst.

Gelsemium Keynotes:

  • Gradual onset;
  • Sensation of heaviness throughout the body
  • After cold damp weather, from anticipation or from bad news
  • Drooping eyelids look heavy;
  • Great fatigue, aching, weakness and soreness in the muscles, trembling
  • Fever with chills up and down spine
  • Extreme exhaustion no energy, and answers slowly – dizziness and drowsiness
  • Dull headache as if a band or tight sensation around the forehead, over the eyes and to the back of the head
  • Better for sweating, urination, and open air if not chilled, in afternoon, reclining with head held high
  • Worse from cold, damp weather, anticipation (even of pleasurable events), change of weather (cold nights, warm days), bad news
  • Thirstless


Nux Vomica

A flu that would benefit from a dose or two of Nux Vomica can include chills, shivers, and a sudden onset of high fever. The body may feel hot, especially the face, but the person cannot be uncovered without feeling chilled. They may experience intense tremors/shaking, and aching in the limbs and back. Nux Vomica is also linked to gastric symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, loose stools, and acid reflux.

They will most likely feel thirsty, but during a fever, they may not have any thirst. They may have sour-smelling sweats, a bit like musty straw. They are often hypersensitive and irritable, and can be quick to anger. They may also be hypochondriacal and worry excessively about their health. This condition is often seen in business people who don’t want to be seen as weak and cannot afford to be ill.

Cold drafts and sudden noises or touch can make them feel worse too, as can the morning and cold, dry weather. Rest, hot drinks, and keeping warm will help as will discharging, e.g. sweating or going to the toilet. The two biggest things to remember about Nux Vomica, is their chilliness and irritability.

Nux Vomica Keynotes:

  • Symptoms start if exposed to a cold dry wind
  • Very chilly and shivery, must be covered up
  • High fever with a sudden onset – body is burning hot, especially the face, but cannot move or uncover without feeling chilly
  • Intense rigours
  • Aching in limbs and back with gastric symptoms
  • Nausea, vomiting, loose stools
  • Chill with thirst, heat without thirst. Sour sweat which smells like musty straw
  • Hypersensitive and irritated by everything
  • Hypochondria – very worried when ill
  • Worse cold drafts, noise, lights, touch, morning, cold dry weather
  • Better free discharges, better rest, hot drinks and warmth


Phosphoric Acid (Post – Viral)

The last remedy we wanted to mention is Phosphoric Acid (Phos-Ac) for post-viral issues. Many people never fully recover from the flu and struggle with weakness and debility long after their illness has passed. This can be a result of the flu virus, or it could be due to other factors such as loss of vital fluids.

There are two main remedies that can help with post-viral fatigue: Gelsemium and Phos-Ac. Phos-Ac is particularly helpful for weakness and debility, both physically and mentally. People who need this remedy may feel apathetic and indifferent to everything, with a feeling that their mind is not fully present. They may struggle to articulate thoughts, feel dizzy when thinking, and experience weakness in the chest from talking.

Worsening factors for Phos-Ac include cold drafts, negative emotions, and being cold. On the other hand, short sleeps or catnaps can help boost energy levels. People who need Phos-Ac may crave carbonated drinks and other fizzy or juicy beverages, which contain phosphoric acid as an ingredient.

In addition to Phos-Ac, Gelsemium is also a good remedy for post-viral fatigue and can be used alongside Phos-Ac to provide additional support. Dark rings under the eyes can also be a sign of adrenal or kidney weakness in Chinese medicine and may indicate the need for Phosphoric Acid.

Phosphoric Acid Keynotes:

  • Post Viral Fatigue
  • Weakness and debility – mental, emotional and physical
  • Apathy and indifferent to everything “The Lights are on but nobody’s home”
  • Sleepy by day – wiped out feeling
  • Cannot collect thoughts or find right word, thinking makes them dizzy
  • Weak feeling in chest from talking
  • Loss of vital fluids i.e. sweating
  • Worse emotions, being talked to or talking, worse cold drafts
  • Better short sleep, Cat nap, warmth , fresh air
  • Craves carbonated drinks/juicy things
  • Dark rings under the eyes


How And When To Take Your Remedy

When it comes to prescribing homeopathic remedies, it’s important to understand the process.

When choosing a remedy, it’s important to look for the 4/5 main keynotes that correspond to the person’s symptoms, a general rule of thumb is to use a 30c potency of the homeopathic remedy, take 1 dose every hour for 3-4 doses or until symptoms improve.  If no improvement after 3 doses look at another remedy.

Please remember, the purpose of the remedies is to stimulate the body’s natural healing process, therefore it’s important to observe how the body responds to the remedy.

These 7 remedies are the ones I think will be most useful, as they are commonly used for colds in homeopathy. Keep in mind that there are many more remedies for colds in the Materia Medica, but these top 7 are a good place to start.

As always, if symptoms persist seek a qualified Homeopathic practitioner or contact your GP.


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