What to do if Old Symptoms Return?

Old Symptoms Returning

Old Symptoms Return 

Congratulations!!!  You are well on your way on the journey of Home Prescribing Homeopathy to help yourself and your loved ones deal with Acute conditions using a Safe, Gentle, Non- Toxic medicine.

You have used  the acronym CLAMS, to gather the relevant information on the symptoms being experienced and you have prioritised these to choose the best fitting remedy, you’ve chosen the potency and the dosage and administered to the person suffering the ailment, so what happens next?

  1.  You see the symptoms disappear before your eyes – the person continues to improve and recovery is complete.
  2. The symptoms have improved for a short time and then worsened again – you repeat the remedy up to 3 more times.
  3. The symptoms don’t change at all – you re-assess and choose a different remedy.

These are all acceptable outcomes, but there is a 4th option to be aware of and that is an Old Symptom returning, something that has not been experienced by the person for a while.  They would not have told you about it initially as it did not form part of the symptom picture for this acute, but as a response to the remedy given here it is.  Now it sounds like it is a bad thing, why is something old coming back????  Well it is quite the reverse……..

This is a POSITIVE sign.

This indicates that the remedy has resonated within the individual and the body is showing you this.  The body is letting you know that this symptom is still unresolved and that the remedy you have given has prompted it to re-emerge, it is a very good indication that you have chosen a well suited remedy.

What to do if Old Symptoms Return

  1.  Do nothing – wait and observe as the body continues to process the symptom, leave it to do it’s work.
  2.  Take the case again – if the symptom becomes problematic and is not tolerated then re-assess, include the Old symptom and prescribe a new remedy, following the process for Remedy Selection again.


This is all part of Home Prescribing for Acute conditions – Keep going you are doing a great job!!! 


NOTE:   This would be the same action if the person being treated experienced an aggravation of symptoms.  Again this is a good sign that the remedy has prompted this reaction.  You should adopt the same process as above for Old Symptoms Returning


Homeopathy is truly a wonderful gift and I’m so excited that you are interested in knowing more. 

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