The Twelve Tissue Salts explained

Tissue Salts

The Twelve Tissue Salts explained

The Twelve Tissue Salts explained

What are Tissue Salts?

Tissue salts are a collection of 12 homeopathically prepared minerals and minerals salts.  They are the fundamental building blocks of every cell in the Human body.

Why use Tissue Salts?

These wonderful salts form the basis of the structure of the human body and so when illness is present supporting healing at this basic level ensures quick and effective recovery.  They can be used alongside Homeopathic remedies to achieve all round complete healing of the body.

Tissue Salts, also known as Cell Salts are a fabulous healing tool to get familiar with.

As there are only 12 (13 if you count the combination of all 12 together), it is fairly quick and easy to grasp at least a basic understanding of all 12.  They are readily available at Health food shops, chemists and online, they are also quite affordable especially compared to many vitamins and supplements currently on the market.

They are safe to use for the whole family including pets and are a great introduction into the use of Homeopathic medicine for Home Prescribing.  They bring the empowerment of being able to heal ones self and loved ones at home in a deep and non-toxic way.

There are many excellent guides available explaining cell salts and their main uses and indications, but below are some keywords and themes for each cell salt that are very useful to have in the family medicine cabinet……..

# 1 Calc Fluor

Surface of bones and tooth enamel, connective tissue, promotes elasticity of fibres.

# 2 Calc Phos

Solidity of bones, proper growth and nutrition, nutritional absorption, growing pains, healing fractures.

# 3 Calc Sulph

Detoxification, catarrh, eruptions, purulent exudations, liver action

# 4 Ferrum Phos

First stage of inflammation and general inflammation, pain, heat, swelling, redness, fever.

# 5 Kali Mur

Second stage of inflammation, swollen glands, white or grey exudations or coatings or discharges

# 6 Kali Phos

Anti-septic, decay, want of nerve power, the nerve tonic, recovery phase of illness.

# 7 Kali Sulph

Yellowy deposits or discharges or secretions, cellular level oxygen uptake, desquamation

# 8 Mag Phos

Cramps, pains, paralysis, ant-spasmodic, better for warmth and pressure

# 9 Nat Mur

Watery discharges, fluid balancer, dryness, emaciation/malabsorption

# 10 Nat Phos

Excess of lactic acid, gout, rheumatism, heartburn, dyspepsia from fats, sour smelling discharges

# 11 Nat Sulph

Excess water removal urinary system, intestines, everything is worse in damp conditions

# 12 Silicea

Connective tissues, joints, structure of body, deficient assimilation, pus-formation, hastens suppuration



For the very first stage of a cold or flu or other acute illness

Kali Mur – glandular swellings, sinus inflammation, digestive disturbances, and joint inflammation

Ferrum Phos – low energy, early stage of fevers, and general inflammatory process.


For the symptoms of temporarily disorder digestions

Mag Phos – colicky pains, cramping, hiccups

Nat Phos – acidity including heartburn, belching after eating, generally sensitive and easily disordered digestive tracts

Nat Sulph – elimination of metabolic waste products, both constipation and diarrhoea, as well as colic and general digestion


For Feeling good all over, pick me up

Calc Phos – low mood, low energy, provides emotional lift

Ferrum Phos – low energy, early stage of fevers, and general inflammatory process

Kali Phos –  relieves tension, stress and jangled nerves



Kali Phos – relieves tension, stress and jangled nerves

Mag Phos – colicky pains, cramping, natural pain killer


For Panic attacks

Ferrum Phos – low energy, early stage of fevers, and general inflammatory process

Kali Phos – relieves tension, stress and jangled nerves

Kali Sulph – distributes oxygen to all cells to assist healing action


For Shingles

Kali Phos – relieves tension, stress and jangled nerves

Mag Phos – natural pain killer, cramp, colicky pains

Nat Mur – maintains water balance in the cells to allow healing


For Tonsilitis

Ferrum Phos – low energy, early stage of fevers, and general inflammatory process

Calc Sulph – cleanser, purifier and eliminator, clears pus

Kali sulph – distributes oxygen to all cells to assist healing action


Full Combination of all 12 Tissue Salts – used at times of nervous strain to deals with overall fatigue and exhaustion.


These are just a few combinations that I have used to successfully treat these and many other conditions, but the list is endless, so please explore this wonderful resource and experiment for yourself knowing you can do no harm what so ever.


For dosage information, please look at my blog Tissue Salts Dosage Information.

Happy Home Prescribing !!!!

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