Work Life Balance – Top 5 tips to Improve your Happiness

Work Life Balance

Addressing the Work Life Balance?


I’ve had a few conversations this week with friends about Work Life Balance now they are on their way back to ‘traditional’ work. They are excited about new freedoms… Me too!  They’re also keen to hang on to the great work life balance that home working gave them. I gave them these tips… they liked them and suggested I share them……. so hear there are  –  I hope they help you


✅  Look at your life as it is:

– Think about what your most important values are and how you want to really spend your time. Be honest about your personal needs.

– Choose small things that will have a big impact overall.  e.g. make sure you have a lunch break several times a week to exercise or chat with a friend.

– Fix ‘moments’ in each day to do the things you love and that relax you… read, listen to music, exercise, play video games… whatever works for you.


✅  Manage other people’s expectations:

– Set boundaries by telling colleagues/clients /family when you will and won’t be working, so they don’t expect you to be available 24/7.

– Let your boss/family know which regular activities/times in your personal life are non-negotiable, whether it’s putting your children to bed or doing yoga – whatever really matters for you.


Take care of your health:

– Make sure you get enough sleep

– Include exercise in your daily plan – even if only 10 minutes.

– Put time aside – again even a few moments – to take care of your Mental Wellbeing too –meditation, mindfulness.

– Make sure to reward yourself for your hard work by treating yourself every now and then. You are… as the ad says “worth it”!


️ ✅ Learn to say ‘No’: I found this the hardest one.

– If you find yourself working late just to get by, let your boss know that your workload is unsustainable. You can discuss and find a solution together

– If you tend to put other’s needs before your own, learn to say no to new projects and extra commitments to people around you.  – Practice saying “I’m really sorry but I’m not able to do that at the moment”. People may be surprised the first time but after a while they will accept it.  Press on!

– Remember to “Look after YOU for others”.  if you’re burned out you’ll end up not being able to help anyone.


Plan fun activities for your personal time.

– Time passes so quickly so actually make plans with family and friends, to ensure your personal time is fulfilling.

– Go “off-grid” for a defined period every evening or weekend so you can give your full attention to the people and activities that are most important to you.


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